Day 1 Humility of The Palms

My messages here continue sharing how I prepare my garden for spring from previous videos on Facebook. As we remember the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, each year I am amazed that he entered in such a humble way ~ riding a donkey on a bed of plain palm fronds making a path for him. No colorful flowers marked his path that day. His followers wanted to celebrate with fanfare, but he wanted to show all that watched how seriously he took his care for the people. It was not supposed to be about him, but the words he was about to share with them during the week. 

John 12:1-11 Oh dear Jesus, let the fronds of palms remind us to be humble like Martha as she washed your feet in Jerusalem.  

Day 2 Lilies Announce New Life

Our memories of Easter may include the Easter lilies on the alter. We each have our own family traditions at Easter, and it has always warmed my heart to provide lilies in memory of family members who have passed away.   ‘The white-robed apostles of hope.’ were bought to us in 1875 from Japan by an American tourist and named after the florist who made it popular. Another story describes teardrops of Eve that she spread while leaving the Garden of Eden. They were teardrops of repentance that turned into the beautiful lily.  How lucky we are to be surrounded with such beauty at Easter!

John 12:20-36

Thank you, Jesus for teaching us that when seeds die to us, they will come back to bear much fruit.  Amen

Day 3 Signs of Joy Around Us

In recent videos I have demonstrated planting seeds, cuttings and bulbs in early spring that will bring us colorful garden flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables as the season proceeds. As we watch this variety of life unfold around us, we are prepared for our Easter blessings to unfold too.  

John 13:21-32

Precious Lord, Thank you for your gifts of color and the beauty of nature during this Holy Week. Help us to appreciate solitude throughout Spring this year. Amen. 

Day 4 Reminders to Look Up

Trees also begin to gain our attention now, as each has a different time to sprout buds and then leaves, and here in Atlanta they begin to rain down pollen on us. If we slow down and remember to look upwards, we can use the trees to help us relax and refresh us from worries. We can enjoy the artistic shape of the tree line, the intricate pattern of interweaving barren branches, the pastel pinks and greens of the emerging buds and baby leaves. Just the fact that these complex beings return year after year with little encouragement is a comforting reminder of how God’s love for us endures.  

John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Jesus, Help me remember the words in John 13:15 “For I have set you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” Amen. 


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Day 5 Jesus Dies to Rise Again

On Good Friday, we sit to read the Easter Story. I like to choose a different version each year. In this story we see Jesus’ love of flowers with children, and especially lilies. When I was planting them, I recalled the white lily represents purity of the divine savior and the joy of resurrection. The trumpet shape of Lily represents Gabriel's trumpet to rebirth and new life.  This year we will hear the gospel lesson of Jesus final week in Jerusalem and we will see lilies in the online Easter Service at Redeemer at:

John 18:1-19:42

Precious Savior, Please bring my heart to receive the Easter story this Sunday and send me back to nature to revel in the reminders of your love for me. Amen. 

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