Measurement and Magnetism for K-2

Be4STEMinc delivers exceptional results.  Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for today’s STEM educators.  Diana has many years of experience in education and nanotechnology and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Be4STEMinc Careers-Measure Like a Scientist

“Tiny Science for Great Futures” curriculum.  Each lesson offers the tools and supplies needed in their mini-kit. There is a Character Card included in each kit describing the STEM Type personality, and career of  a STEM crew member. STEM Crew Members can develop, explore and solve their own problems in each unit of Be4STEMinc’s, “Tiny Science for Great Futures” curriculum.

Career Crew-Future Workforce

Unique aspects of the “Tiny STEM for Great Futures” program is the Be4STEMinc Character Crew, which provides visual cartoon-like personalities with whom students may identify more closely. STEAM activities are provided through the Character Crew coloring pages plus activity sheets where the Crew directs creative drawing of results seen in observations in each Unit. STREAM connections are provided in the Character Crew’s Activity Booklets for each unit. In these easy to read stories, the members of the Character Crew ask questions and share simple statements that form a valuable foundation for grasping the core concepts.

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